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Dixon, MO Weather Service


Dixon 5K Run

Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 June 2015 19:19 Written by Administrator Tuesday, 09 June 2015 19:13

Allen Hilliard is hosting a 5K run event to raise funds for the Dixon track and cross country programs. The public is urged to attend this event and support local sporting events.

This is a fundraiser for the Dixon Track and Cross Country Programs. Early registration before July 1st is $20. After the 1st it cost $25. Here is the registration site.
https://squareup.com/ market/allen-hilliard-5k-run?utm_source=allen-hilliard-5k-run&utm_medium=embed&utm_campaign=button_v1#menu



Welcome to Dixon Weather Service

Written by Administrator Thursday, 24 March 2011 11:04


The Dixon Weather Service is a NOT for profit, public service agency that serves the local portions of Central Missouri. We are CERTIFIED by the National Weather Service (NWS) & University Corporation For Atmospheric Research (UCAR) for SKYWARN and severe weather operations which means our staff are trained yearly by the National Weather Service as well as continuing training through UCAR.

Please visit the "Our Training & Certifications" section for more information.

Our pledge is to become the most reliable source of weather information for the city of Dixon, Including the local portions of central Missouri along with tracking, confirming and documenting weather related events.

We invite our visitors to visit our site often as WATCHES AND WARNINGS issued by NWS for central Missouri are updated in real time on this site and our Dixon surface data is updated every two minutes.

Please report severe weather, flooding or storm damage to us by calling 573-759-2749. Extension 0. If no one is available at Ext 0, Please enter extension 102.




Current Dixon Conditions

Written by Administrator Saturday, 20 August 2011 22:14

Dixon, MO Weather Data from Dixon Weather Service Inc. - National Weather Service CWOP ID: DW2956

All weather data is automatically Measured, Observed And Recorded at 307 West Second Street Dixon, MO USA - Lat/Lon: 37.59.30°N/92.05.52°W - Elevation: 1160 FT

All Weather Data from Dixon Weather Service is measured with Columbia Weather Systems ASOS sensors including visibility sensor, and also advisory wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature, soil temperature, dew point, leaf wetness, soil moisture, solar radiation, relative humidity, heated Precipitation gauge and lightning detection.

This data should be considered as "advisory" and should NOT be used for official aviation weather data.


For enhanced Climatological data and/or official aviation weather information, Please click the requested Climatological/Aviation links in the 'Dixon Climatological Data' or 'regional information' menu.



Note: For QC\Quality Control information for Dixon ASOS Data, Please Click Here!




Live Local Lightning Data & NWS Severe Weather Notifications

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Live Local Lightning & Radar Data Provided By Thor Guard L75 Lightning Detection & Prediction Hardware. Emergency notifications for severe weather provided by ThorPCX software.

Note: To View Radar Image Please Click The Map Tab.

Notification Levels: Note: In the notification area the status indicates the lightning risk as well as any other hazard risk's such as weather warnings.

WAITING: If WAITING is displayed it means the L75GENS hardware & software is on Stand-By mode waiting for weather to develop

TESTING: If TESTING is displayed this means the L75GENS hardware & software is in it's daily test mode to verify proper hardware performance.

ALL CLEAR: No Threat of lightning or other hazardous weather situations at this time

CAUTION: No immediate threat but situation should be monitored if storms are developing or are in the area.  A “Caution”  level is normal with most rain showers.

WARNING: Thunderstorms and/or severe weather are in the area.  The area should be closely monitored.

RED ALERT: Thunderstorms and/or severe weather is in the area. RED ALERT means the potential for cloud to ground lightning is very high, all outdoor activities should stop. Seek safe indoor shelter immediately!

EMERGENCY: If EMERGENCY is displayed this means the Dixon area is under a Tornado Warning. Take life saving actions and seek safe shelter immediately!

Located below the Lightning Alert and Emergency Alert indication area is the Lightning data Area that contains the following information:

LHL: Lightning Hazard Level. A number from 1 to 9. 1 means a 10% chance of cloud to ground lightning and 9 which means 90% chance of cloud to ground lightning within the current Sensor Range (12 - 15 miles from Dixon) An LHL greater than 4 indicates lightning is occurring or has the potential of occurring in the Dixon area.

DI: Dynamic Index. Number from 1.0 to 9.9. “1” means 10% chance and 9.9 means 99% chance of Cloud to ground lightning within close proximity of our sensor location in downtown Dixon. (12-15 Miles) A DI > 5 means there is lightning in the Dixon area!

AD: Alarm Level. Any time you get a Red Alert, the AD will start at 10 which means you have at least 10 minutes until you could get an All Clear signal. The AD will reset itself to 10 until all static charge is out of the area and safe outdoor activity can resume. The AD will count down when no “new” surges in energy have been detected.

FCC: Field Collapse Count. Basically, the FCC number gives you an idea of how many lightning strikes have occurred within the current sensor range of 12 to 15 miles from Dixon. It is helpful to watch the FCC count as the system goes from All clear to Caution to higher lightning risk levels as storms approach or develop.

PLEASE NOTE: If EMERGENCY status is displayed, This indicates a TORNADO WARNING is currently in effect for the city of Dixon, MO. Take cover immediately if EMERGENCY status is displayed as this means A Tornado Warning has been issued for Northern Pulaski county including the city of Dixon.



Live Netcam SC Image from Dixon

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Note: For a live stream view of downtown Dixon, Please Click Here!




Current Local NWS Radar

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Thor Guard

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THOR GUARD lightning prediction systems are designed to predict lightning in the local area BEFORE lightning strikes, allowing decisions regarding dangerous situations to be proactive, not reactive. The goal is to increase productivity and maximize safety by providing Dixon area residents with critical, timely lightning warning information in an easy-to-use format.

For More Info On Thor Guard Technology Please Click Here!

The Dixon Weather Service Thor Guard L75GENS live lightning & NWS Radar data is available on all mobile devices at the link below. To view Dixon, MO Thor Guard lightning data and NWS Radar on your mobile device please go to the link below. For direct access or for anyone who wants to bookmark the site the address is: www.dixonweather.thormobile7.net

Don't be caught unprepared for dangerous and possibly deadly cloud to ground lightning like in the animation below! Or as pictured in the photo below from a screen capture of our NetcamSC.



Our Thor Guard data could possibly save your life if you live in the city of Dixon, MO or within 12 miles of Dixon. Persons playing golf at Oak Hills Country Club in Dixon, MO should closely monitor our lightning data when thunderstorms are in the area. Numerous individuals are killed by lightning strikes each year while playing golf in the USA and around the world!

Our L75GENS constantly monitors the local Electromagnetic and Static charge field within 25 miles of Dixon. However, Our system is currently set to alarm for dangerous lightning conditions within a range of 0 (Station Location) - 12 miles out from Dixon. (Sensor Location)

For Live Streaming L75GENS Lightning Data Click Here!

the direct address for Thor Mobile is: www.dixonweather.thormobile7.net

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